7 de jul de 2011

Sexta no Palermo Hollywood

Sexta-feira, dia 18 de julho, tem conexão Floripa - PoA no Palermo Hollywood, com o DJ convidado Marco Madrys e o DJ residente Mario Aguirra! Excelente ambiente, gente bonita e muita House Music.
Ingressos: R$ 8,00 (feminino) e R$ 10,00 (masculino).
Reservas e informações: 51 8585 5390 (18h até às 00h) ou pelo email: contato@palermobar.com.br.


2 Comentários:

Why are the difference on the ticket by the gender...?

Good question.

Tickets have always been different for men and women in nightclubs. In some places women do not need to pay to enter.

Women go out at night for fun. The men go out at night to get a girlfriend. If a club is not interesting for women, the club will not receive a visit from the men.

Another explanation is that women in Brazil earn lower wages than men. Prices attractive to women, and prices for salty men happy to see so many women in one place.

A great week for you, my brother.